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You can make real change.


You can make real change
right where you’re at.

You are welcome here…

I want you you to know that you are welcome here. You are loved. You are seen. You have purpose. You have something special to offer the world. I started the EC shop at a time in my life where I felt stuck. I didn’t think a lonely, tired, stay at home mom could create real change. I thought I needed to go to a third world country or donate millions of dollars to a charity or do something REALLY BIG ya know?! Then I realized something; creating change starts in the little things. Change starts by being kind to our friends and family. Change is created when we send a text to a hurting friend or bring a meal to a new mom. Change looks like kissing your husband goodbye in the morning or volunteering at your church on Sunday. Change is up to you. Change is in the little things. You can make real change right where you’re at. Friend, start today.

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